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Animated Mower
Alleghany Mower Racing Association
Sponsored by Alleghany Chevrolet
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Animated Mower
UPDATED 1-12-2007


Photos From Galax, VA July 8, 2006

Photos From The Alleghany News

Lawnmower racing is moving a step up with your ordnary lawnmower.   We do a lot of modifications before we run a race with them.   Such modifications include removing the blades from the deck, off setting the rear ends and locking them for positive traction, and removing the governer for more speed.  The sky is the limit to what you can do to them.   Just finding the time to do it in. 
Click here for The 2006 Rules
We will be having  seven firm races this year. Each race every driver will be able to earn points.  Points are given out to the first, secound, and third place finisher's.  There will also be a extra point added for showing up for the race's in town and two extra points added for out of town race's.  The A.M.R.A. runs for trophies and the organization does not run for money! Just good clean racing is what the A.M.R.A. is all about.
The classes are listed below.
1. Stock

2. Super Stock

3. 5 Horsepower

4. STOCK Flathead

5. Modified Flathead

6. Twin Flathead

7. Single Cyl. Ovh: Less Than 30 Cu. In.

8. Single Cyl. Ovh: 30 Plus Cu. In.

9. V-Twin: Less Than 34.5 Cu. In.

10. V- Twin: 34.5 To 38 Cu. In.

11. V-Twin: 38 To 46.5 Cu. In.

12. Open

13. Powder Puff

14. Legends
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2006 A.M.R.A. schedule
Jun 10 - North Wilkesboro Rotary Race

July 8 - Galax Fire Dept Race

July 29 - North Wilkesboro Rotary Race

Aug 5 - Sparta Fire Dept Race

Aug 26 - Alleghany Ag County Fair Race

Sept 9 - North Wilkesboro Rotary Race

Oct 7 - Dixie Classic Fair (non-Points) Race

MayoDan: (Non-Points) Race TBA
Win - 6 points

2nd - 4 points

3rd - 3 points

4th - 2 points

5th - 1 point

Take a look at MAYODAN
Send us your pictures and any info you would like added to your page.

New Unknown Drivers
Ricky Bedsaul, Steven Cassell, Darrell Reeves

Kevin Royall, Wendy Crouse, Aaron Duncon
Tommy Alley

Ashley Arney

Tommy Alley Jr

Tommy Andrews

Chris Ashley

Mike Bolen

Jon Brewer

Jack Brooks

Shelton Brooks

Derek Brown

Gary Busic

Ricky Caudill

Lee Choate

Roger Choate

Matthew Colbert

Walter Crouse

Robert Cyrus

Doug Delp

James Dixon

Jerry Dowell

Aaron Duncan

Bill Edwards

Brad Edwards

Darrell Edwards

Tony Green

Cody Griffin

Craig Hart

Joey Jones

Mark Johnson

Jason Kelly

Bryan Maines

Eric Medley

Fred Medley

Billy Moxley

Jeff Moxley
David Newman

Trever Nichols

Adam Nilo

Kevin Royal

Alex Osborne

Billy Osborne

Charles Perry

Geraldine Perry

Dan Portor

Matthew Richardson

Rodney Thompson

Sherry Thompson

Robbie Todd

Truline Truss

Joe Wagoner

Mickey Wagoner

Randy Walls

Johnny Williams
Board Members

Jon Brewer   -   Guy Brown   -   April Choate   -   Jimmy Church   -   Walt Green   -   Tony Greene   -   Ed Killeen - Treasurer   -   Sam Lovelace   -   Trevor Nichols
Advisory Board Members

Tommy Andrews   -   Teresa Brewer   -   Steven Cassell   -   Roger Choate   -   Darrell Edwards   -   Eric Shumate   -   Daryl Reeves
Rules Committe

Mike Bolen   -   Jon Brewer   -   Shelton Brooks   -   Steven Cassell   -   Roger Choate   -   Mike Hamm   -   Sam Lovlace
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